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We're heading to Las Vegas!


From the team who brought to market the first Video Ad Network and the first accredited Video Ad Server... comes the next chapter for Video Advertising.

Built on Web3 principles and technologies - now YOU can have your hands on the keyboard for the future.

Secure your demo time now to see the Programmatic 2.0 platform built for CTV/OTT.

EMAIL: hello @


DEMO SUITE invitation available upon appointment

Request a Demo Time

Thanks for requesting a demo time, a Pro-Blockboarder will reach out to confirm date and time!

Women in Leadership Soiree

We invite Media and AdTech women to a special afternoon gathering for connections and conversation. 


"Over the course of my career, I've had the benefit of meeting and being supported by amazing women. Today, as I continue to learn within an Executive Team, I feel even more strongly connected to the women who have blazed trails ahead of me. At CES, my only goal is to create a space where women can come to relax, say hello to old friends and possibly make new ones. Join me for a cocktail and conversation!" Rox

Join me at The Vesper Lounge in The Cosmopolitan Hotel 

Thursday, January 5th from 2-4P

EMAIL: Rox @

The inclusion of women in the highest roles within organizations have proven to be valuable and impactful across our industry. However, there is still room for improvement. Together, we want to continue the strides we have made thus far while developing the next generation of women in ad tech. BLOCKBOARD is proud to host a "cocktails and conversation" soiree (no programming or agenda planned!) to bring together the women in leadership roles for connection and discussion about collective industry issues.

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