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Hello, I'm Clark

I made a BIG career change in my late 20s.


Born and raised in the heart of the Silicon Valley I always had a hankering for technology. After graduating with two degrees in Neuroscience, I  decided to make a turn back into tech and make a bet on Web3. Blockboard was the first company I had heard of that was leveraging blockchain technology but in a way that was unrelated to Crypto and NFTs. Rather, they had built a decentralized ad tech platform that has completely changed how advertising can work. Joining their mission to bring advertising into Web3 was a no-brainer.

Why Blockboard?

  1. With decades of experience there is no better team to bring Blockboard’s mission to life.

  2. Results! Blockboard is driving performance for brands as well as driving awareness.

  3. Blockboard is a Web3 company that is aligned with the future of advertising and is moving in the same direction the internet is moving.


If you’d like to learn more about what we do or talk about the benefits of CTV advertising find 30min with me: 

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