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Hello, I'm Natalie

I joined Blockboard in May as an account executive, previously I was at Nielsen for 4 years. At Blockboard our mission is to bring Transparency, Accountability, and Trust back to digital advertising. I'm passionate about all things Web 3 - a cookie less world, blockchain application in advertising, and finding the best croissant in Manhattan.

Why Blockboard?

Here at Blockboard we buy programmatic digital video on CTV, Mobile, Computer, and Tablet using blockchain technology. 

  1. We guarantee a 100% human audience by pre-verifying ad calls before they even air, ensuring every dollar spent is going to your intended audience. No bots here! 

  2. Optimize in flight to reach your performance goals. 

  3. Are you looking to future proof your tech stack with the impending cookie depreciation? Blockboard’s solution is cookie free. We’re built on Blockchain.


If you’d like to learn more about what we do or talk about the benefits of CTV advertising find 30min with me: 

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Blog Posts from Natalie:

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