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AUDIO: The 'Conviction Award' Winner Matt Wasserlauf - Chris Voss Show

Interview originally posted on The Chris Voss podcast, July 7, 2022

"Incentives are far greater for the bad guys than the good guys."

The digital advertising industry has and is evolving. One of the points of evolution is the automation of ad buying and selling - we call this programmatic. While it brought a lot of advancement to the advertising world, ultimately there's less human touch and human monitoring over these activities so, it makes it relatively easy for the 'bad actors' to get their hands on advertising dollars.

As one of the early pioneers in digital media and a successful entrepreneur in the space, Wasserlauf, BLOCKBOARD Founder and CEO, has made it his mission to now set up the next chapter of digital video advertising in the safest, most transparent way.

" We are resetting the entire digital video advertising industry on the blockchain. The reason we are doing this is digital video has become a bit of a mess as we've grown up in the industry. It's a $50B industry - but there's a lot of issues," said Wasserlauf.

The exciting part of what's next is CTV - streaming is happening and it is the future. Not only have audiences flocked to watching content in a streaming way, but the big media content companies (Paramount, NBC's Peacock, etc) are all creating their own streaming services to satisfy the next way we all enjoy tv.

BLOCKBOARD's focus is to make sure that the advertisers are getting what they pay for and what they need from the real human audiences behind those services.

LISTEN: Full interview on The Chris Voss show

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