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TVRev: The Evolving Media World and BLOCKBOARD's Matt Wasserlauf

Originally published on December 16, 2021

Please click here to watch the full video interview.

In this installment of our Marketer Interview video series, we learn through a simple word association game how marketers are preparing for a new year of expanded media fragmentation.

Meet Matt Wasserlauf, CEO and founder of Blockboard, the first digital video platform built on Ethereum blockchain, is one of the original disruptors of the TV business. In 2004, Matt founded Broadband Enterprises (BBE), the industry’s first online video company and co-founded the mobile video platform Torrential in 2013. He recently sold Torrential to the television company ITN, the leading unwired broadcast network.

Connected TV





Also evolving.




Love. BBE [Broadband Enterprises] was how I got this whole party started 20 years ago. My first company, so a lot of love, a lot of love.


In play.


Next, next.

Direct response

New frontier.

Watch the full video to hear Matt speak in more than just sentence fragments and check here for more conversations with marketers.

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