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Your brand has a story to tell. BLOCKBOARD Studios works with you to bring that story to life. 

Nothing is more effective as a selling tool than a well crafted story and exceptional placement to your intended customer base.

Creation and placement go hand-in-hand when you partner with BLOCKBOARD. Partner with a team of award-winning talent and producers to achieve your business goals.

WOW! This is great. Look forward to more funny and engaging messaging!
-CMO, Major Health Organization

Original Content Portfolio

The American Table

A show worthy of the times we live in. Join hosts Ron Insana and Noelle Nikpour as they invite friends to eat, laugh, chat and dive into topics that affect every day Americans. The American Table is a serial show ideal for Food & Beverage advertisers. 

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

In the midst of the pandemic, a major medical health organization sought to change the conversation and connect to their audience in a new way. BLOCKBOARD Studios helped them bring their fresh initiative to life by using humor to engage with their community. Host Ron Insana interviewed comedy greats such as Kevin Pollack, Judd Apatow, Bob Saget and many more for an original and customized series. BLOCKBOARD Studios reached the target audience with unique spots and PSAs to drive awareness and engagement. 

Feel Ageless

Award-winning host Jennifer Pate delves into the complexities that impact women in today's world. Audiences are encouraged to engage with Jennifer as she and her guests discuss and share insights on important topics. Brands and advertisers have enjoyed long-lasting relationships with Jennifer and she works collaboratively to achieve the product goals.Feel Ageless is a serial show ideal for CPG, Beauty and Travel advertisers.

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