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Connect with Confidence.

On Thursday, May 5th, BLOCKBOARD officially debuted into the world. In front of the industry, customers and friends, we shared our story and shed light on what we believe will be required to develop a healthy ecosystem for the next chapter of the internet age. 

Connection, transparency, and integrity will be critical core values as advertisers begin to navigate the nascent world of CTV/OTT - and confidently reach their consumers.

Enjoy videos below to hear from our founder and learn more of the BLOCKBOARD vision.

BLOCKBOARD is looking to restore relationships and trust.

 - Matt Wasserlauf, Co-founder & CEO


Founder and CEO Matt Wasserlauf introduces BLOCKBOARD to the world at our company's debut event: The UpNEXT. 

Listen to our origin story - and learn why we are so passionate about working with partners for their best business outcomes.

Watch the the official BLOCKBOARD company vision video and hear how our Platform and Studios help advertisers move their bottom line needle.

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