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PODCAST: 'We Need To Blow Open Those Black Boxes'

Originally published on Spotify and Apple, December 20, 2022.

BLOCKBOARD Co-Founder and CEO, Matt Wasserlauf sits down with Breaking & Entering host, Geno Schellenberger and talks about why the advertising industry has a problem with Programmatic 1.0.

Matt talks through the three steps BLOCKBOARD takes to ensure advertisers have the most efficiency to their media dollars as possible, and the business impact our approach has with advertisers who haven't seen success with CTV and OTT.

"There's been a way of doing things, and it's worked for a while... but we're working on what we're calling Programmatic 2.0 because we've had a good 10 or some odd years of Programmatic 1.0 and now we're really educating the market ...(sic)... and the major tenant of Web3 is decentralization," said Wasserlauf.

Listen to the full 30 minute episode now!

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